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About Our App

GoFumig8 is a mobile and desktop app that allows Fumigators to easily collect Fumigation data from the field in an Easy and Compliant manner. We have worked with the Australian Goverment and the Fumigation Industry to build a suite of solutions that add value to many touch points of the Fumigation Industry and the Biosecurity space.

Fumigator Solutions

This mobile app and desktop solutions allows Fumigators to manage the entire Fumigation process from start to end. The fumigation company can collect data from the field and generate compliant Import, Export and General Fumigation Documentation in a complaint and timely manner. All communication and data collected is optionally offered to associated Logistics Companies, Brokers, Importers, Exporters, Customer and AWE.

Logistics Solutions

This Desktop Solution allows Logistics companies to receive Fumigation Requests from associated Brokers and convert this requests into Fumigator Orders. The Logistic companies also has the option to issue Logistics created Orders directly to the Fumigators through the GoFumig8 platform. The platform also gives Logistics companies live transparency into the entire fumigation process for all associated Fumigators.

Broker Solutions

The Broker also has a desktop solution allowing Brokers to create Fumigation Requests to the associated Logistics company. The System also allows for Brokers to automatically generate an Authority to Treat document which is issued with the Fumigation Request. Brokers can also track the progress of all Fumigation Requests in the GoFumig8 system giving them live updates and transparency into all stages of the fumigation process.

Why Use Our App

Ease of Use

With a Nice and Clean user interface, an intuitive design and voice to text technology the GoFumig8 mobile app makes collecting compliant data a breeze in the field.

AWE Gateway

With a designated gateway into AWE all Records of Fumigations get submitted digitally to AWE with automated validation technology significantly reduce the time for AWE approval.


With all data collected stored in our secure server, audits and Biosecurity compliance is a breeze. This allows for significantly reduced audits and huge saving in typical records management.


Our Fumigation Pulse give the entire industry Live transparency into the fumigation process and all fumigation activities. Allowing all stakeholders visibility into all fumigation activity.

Works Planning

Optimise your workers with upcoming workloads. Ensure workers are utilised at all times and ensure clients are not left waiting with better works planning solutions.

Business Solutions

We have made getting paid very simple with our Invoicing tool allowing Fumigators to Invoice fumigations at any time in the process. We also allow Fumigator to track all Fumigates purchased and show Stock on hand at all time.

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Our Pricing Options

Please reach out to us to discuss our flexible pricing options. The more fumigations you complete the sharper our pricing!

Fumigator Plan


Usage Dependant

  • Unlimated Users
  • Invoicing
  • Works Planning
  • AWE Fast Track

Logistics Plan


Usage Dependant

  • Unlimated Users
  • Fumigation Pulse
  • Live Notification
  • Issue Orders

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